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» Men In Black by Tony Phillips Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

Ross Wells always was a bit crazy. Not in the “Woo-hoo!! Road trip to Tijuana!” way, but in the Lithium, child-psychologist way. That was, of course, the reason he was treated the way he was in high school. But when he starts coming to me in dreams, it’s going too …

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» I Wish There Were Giants by F Lee Miller Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

I wish there were giants. Real, human giants. You know. Twelve feet tall. Content continues after advertisement I was watching a program on the history channel the other night and a gentleman was showing his magnificent collection of antique guns and swords. He was most proud of a sword from …

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From 2000 to 300—Why You’re Writing Too Much

photo by Jon Fife Odds are, you’re trying to write too many words a day. You’ve probably heard that you should write a thousand words per day. Or two thousand. Or five. Or ten. Or maybe you signed up for a program in which you (supposedly) write a novel in …

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» A Saturday Round of Golf by Michael J. Cunningham Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

HOLE # 1, PAR 5, 516 YARDS, #3 HANDICAP, NOTE: WATER ON LEFT Content continues after advertisement “Got some crazy pussy last night,” Tom shouted to us. He was standing on the first tee taking practice swings. Larry skidded our cart to a stop near the ball washer. “Your wife …

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Bee Still My Writing — Why and How I’m Taking Time Off

Photo by AJC1 It’s been a hard year, writing-wise. A book I love isn’t being loved back by anyone in publishing at the moment. This book took more of my time and of my soul to finish than I’d like to admit, but in the publishing world, that’s never a …

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