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From 2000 to 300—Why You’re Writing Too Much

photo by Jon Fife Odds are, you’re trying to write too many words a day. You’ve probably heard that you should write a thousand words per day. Or two thousand. Or five. Or ten. Or maybe you signed up for a program in which you (supposedly) write a novel in …

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» An excerpt from SLAM! BOOM! CRASH! by Wolf Larsen Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

Highways, factories, automobiles, noises, people, sirens, traffic lights, smog, smells, crowds, streetcorners, bars, beggars, factoryworkers, crackheads, officeworkers, blacks, whites, hookers, drunks, immigrants, yourmother, and more highrises and more automobiles, and more people and more noises and – And the smell of carbon monoxide everywhere; from the highways, the streets, the …

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