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Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time (Summer 2018)

What are your submission or rejection goals for 2018? Inspired by Lit Hub’s 100 rejections per year post, I got 93 rejections 2017 and aim to cross 100 this year. Since my Spring 2018 contest roundup, I’ve earned plenty of rejections and published the last season’s responses in a fun …

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Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time (Winter 2017 Edition)

Inspired by Lit Hub’s 100 rejections per year post, my goal was to make at least 50 submissions in 2017. Since my last contest roundup, I’m at 108 submissions and 79 rejections. I’m also delighted to share that I’ve earned my first acceptance for publication in fiction and nonfiction. It’s …

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» A Life is Worth a Thousand Words by Brian G Ross Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

He is born in the city; seven pounds, eight ounces. Unemployed, alcoholic father; downtrodden, dependable mother. They name him Tony; Anthony on his birth certificate. He learns to talk at six months; learns to walk three months later. His first word is car. Dad owns a Ford. He drives sober; …

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Is Tidiness Worth It? A New Bestseller Weighs In.

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Rick Burnes We all know reading is life-changing magic. But cleaning, too? That’s the argument that Marie Kondo makes in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.The book is on the top of the Amazon, New York Times, and USA Today bestseller lists. Readers …

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