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Fico Eataly World Bologna: A First Preview Inside

When talking about the monumental work behind erecting FICO Eataly World it’s impossible not to start with the numbers. 100,000 square meters (approx 24 football pitches), of which 20,000 square metres are fields and stables (housing 200 animals and 2000 plant cultivars) and 80,000 commercial areas that boast 45 dining venues, six classrooms, a …

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The World is Inside Out

How do you think of our world?  How is it organized, in your mind?  Geographically?  Planet, continents, countries, regions, states, counties, cities, neighborhoods, streets?  Politically, by a range of authority from dictatorships to democracy?  By religion?  By class? Do you see the world as dichotomies?  City versus country, ocean versus …

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  Hi everyone; I hope you are all having an amazing summer! Sharing another one of those typical Norwegian Classics. They call it for ” world best cake “ in Norwegian we call it for  “Verdens beste”It is a thin sponge layer cake that is so unique from other layered cakes. It …

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The World of a Literary Scout–and International Rights

Literary Scouts know a lot, but they’re not mind readers. My story starts with J.K Rowling… It was my first week as a Scout at what was then Anne Louise Fisher’s agency (now Eccles Fisher), and the office was buzzing. Constant phone calls. It was the buzz of publishers from …

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