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Warrior Women, #MeToo, and One Writer’s Evolving Sensibilities

These feel like turbulent times, don’t they? Wait–haven’t I asked that question here before? (I have.) Maybe I should say, these feel like transformative times. And some days it feels more like upheaval than transformation. But I suspect transformation requires an aspect of upheaval. Just as action evokes reaction, reform …

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21 of the Biggest Breakthrough Books by Women in 2018

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we highlighted some of the most exciting debut books by women 2018 (and fall 2017!) has seen so far. From women’s fiction to psychological thrillers, romance to book club reads, these are the breakthrough books by women authors everyone is talking …

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Our shop: Woodberry facility carves out a space for women in the traditionally male-dominated field of woodworking

For years, furniture maker and woodworker Sarah Marriage talked with female counterparts about how great it would be if there were woodworking spaces created specifically for women. Many of her peers had been working in wood shops where they were often the only women in large groups of men. At …

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