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Seeking Truth in Fiction

photo adapted / Horia Varlan A few weeks after my first husband’s suicide, when I was able to think again, one thought pulled me forward through the difficult years of recovery to come: I was meant to write about this. But how? Back in the late 90s, the memoir revolution …

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Anne Greenwood Brown and COLD HARD TRUTH

Congratulations to WU contributor and multi-published author Anne Greenwood Brown on the publication of her fifth YA novel, COLD HARD TRUTH, which released on April 3rd! Anne, who also writes adult romance under the pen name “A.S. Green,” has four novels coming out this spring/summer from three different publishers. She …

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A Character’s POV = A Character’s Truth

Who you see depends on your POV! Each Wednesday at 3:00 I drive a loved one to see his therapist.* During the 45-minute appointment, I sit in the waiting area and afterward, depending on the season, I drive this loved one to swim practice or soccer practice or to the …

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Telling the Truth in Fiction

A number of years ago when my daughter was in sixth grade, she was studying for a spelling bee, and one of the advanced words was agathokakological. It took us a while to track down the definition: “consisting of both good and evil.” What a fabulous word: agathokakological. We humans …

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What’s Your Truth?

Usually– well, almost usually– I have my Writer Unboxed posts done in advance of the day before I’m scheduled to post. This month, though, I’m kind of glad that the time got away from me, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to craft my post in response to Larry …

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