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16 Scrivener Tools and Tricks

There’s a treasure trove of helpful features hiding in Scrivener’s menus and settings. Below is a roundup of some of these easily overlooked, but highly useful—or just plain fun—tools and tricks that’ll make you feel like an expert. Change Icons Think you’re stuck with little pieces of paper and folders …

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All the Recipes, Tips and Tricks you need

With their delicate and fresh taste, zucchini are one of the stars of the summer kitchen. Before seeing how to cook them, discover some curiosities about these delicious sweet seasonal vegetables. Zucchini (also known as courgettes) are the unripe fruit of a species of the Cucurbitaceae family, of the genus …

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Walmart Rant – Great Value Coffee – Part 1

What Walmart marketing “Genius” came up with this idea? Take a great product that sells well and exchange a different product in its place. Walmart Great Value … source

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A Video Explains the Tips and Tricks

We’ve already seen augmented gastronomy and Francesco Mattucci’s Floating Food, next up it’s the turn of Skyler Burt, a blogger from We Eat Together, who’s impressed us with the image of his levitating sandwich. In fact, the artist has gone one step further by demonstrating how to create his captivating  flying food photo guaranteed to impress …

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