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5 Easy Ways To Make This Classic Summer Dish

With so many tomatoes on hand during the summer you are probably wondering what else you can make with them. Aside from a refreshing summer salad, you can consider making stuffed tomatoes. The classic fillings for stuffed tomatoes are rice (enriched with cheese, herbs or meat) and meat (most likely …

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52 Best Summer Desserts To Keep You Cool When It’s Hot

When you feel like you are melting under the sun only one thing will do: a refreshing summer dessert to help you cool down. If you’ve got a major sweet tooth we’ve got the best summer dessert lineup to combat the heat while satisfying your cravings. Our options include easy …

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Get Your Summer Baking on with this Instagram Inspo

Summer baking means using up the juiciest, sweetest fruit you see. The key to the stunning olive oil cake from @thebrokenbread? Those pretty slices of nectarine and the flurry of berries on its surface. You can use any 9-inch cake pan to make this sweet-savory beauty, and we have plenty …

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Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time (Summer 2018)

What are your submission or rejection goals for 2018? Inspired by Lit Hub’s 100 rejections per year post, I got 93 rejections 2017 and aim to cross 100 this year. Since my Spring 2018 contest roundup, I’ve earned plenty of rejections and published the last season’s responses in a fun …

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10 Summer Salad Recipes Full of Flavor, Texture and Crunch

Watermelon, glass noodles, mozzarella…what do these all have common? They make great ingredients for summer salads to take along on picnics, a beach outing or serve at a family barbecue. We are madly in lust with the following summer salad recipes. The beautiful colors, wonderful flavors and pleasing textures always …

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