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The End of Summer Trend on Instagram

We all know how refreshing a slice of fresh watermelon can be. Juicy, sweet and hydrating, watermelon is the perfect summer fruit. You may have experimented with adding watermelon to your salads, but did you know you can also make a watermelon fruit pizza? Watermelon fruit pizzas are taking Instagram …

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5 Easy Ways To Make This Classic Summer Dish

With so many tomatoes on hand during the summer you are probably wondering what else you can make with them. Aside from a refreshing summer salad, you can consider making stuffed tomatoes. The classic fillings for stuffed tomatoes are rice (enriched with cheese, herbs or meat) and meat (most likely …

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52 Best Summer Desserts To Keep You Cool When It’s Hot

When you feel like you are melting under the sun only one thing will do: a refreshing summer dessert to help you cool down. If you’ve got a major sweet tooth we’ve got the best summer dessert lineup to combat the heat while satisfying your cravings. Our options include easy …

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Get Your Summer Baking on with this Instagram Inspo

Summer baking means using up the juiciest, sweetest fruit you see. The key to the stunning olive oil cake from @thebrokenbread? Those pretty slices of nectarine and the flurry of berries on its surface. You can use any 9-inch cake pan to make this sweet-savory beauty, and we have plenty …

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Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time (Summer 2018)

What are your submission or rejection goals for 2018? Inspired by Lit Hub’s 100 rejections per year post, I got 93 rejections 2017 and aim to cross 100 this year. Since my Spring 2018 contest roundup, I’ve earned plenty of rejections and published the last season’s responses in a fun …

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