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6 Stories for Cheese Lovers

If you can’t resist the cheesy high of a hot fondue or the crunch of an aged parmesan – then cheese lovers, we have just the drool-worthy video for you! The team over at Great Big Story, have produced yet another gem in their “flavours” series, this time disappearing into the fascinating …

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Big Issues. Small Stories.

Our social media feeds are cluttered with the significant yet chaotic issues of the day. Either we’re resisting or resisting the resistance. I’ve engaged in a war of words on occasion via Facebook and Twitter, trying to convince someone I can’t recall ever meeting in real life to consider my …

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» The Gift of Compassion by Jan Bianchi Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

As I have grown older I have come to learn compassion is something to mature into and is not readily acquired. Compassion is cultivated like the pearl that comes from an oyster. The pearl is refined in the darken womb of the oyster over time, as compassion is empathy cultivated …

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» Secrets of a Murdered Man by Sabrina Walls Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

Already the irritating fly that eluded my swatting earlier takes its vengeful residence amidst the rapidly-mounting pool of blood in which I lie; a sea of deepening red that this morning flowed warm and sustaining through my veins. Yet I do not shoo the fly away. My lifeless body is …

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