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Shakespeare in Space – with Lasers!

I recently stumbled onto an online discussion about animated films, where somebody referred to The Lion King as having been inspired by Shakespeare’s classic play Hamlet. That was news to me, and it made me think about other films that I had belatedly learned were inspired by Shakespeare plays, such …

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Our shop: Woodberry facility carves out a space for women in the traditionally male-dominated field of woodworking

For years, furniture maker and woodworker Sarah Marriage talked with female counterparts about how great it would be if there were woodworking spaces created specifically for women. Many of her peers had been working in wood shops where they were often the only women in large groups of men. At …

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Townhouse offers flexible living space

A red brick townhouse in the Fells Point neighborhood at 602 S. Patterson Park Ave. is on the market for $309,900. Within walking distance of Patterson Park, Canton and Fells Point establishments, this four-story house offers adaptable space with a desirable location. “It has a wonderful open living space,” said …

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