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Using Styles in Scrivener 3

You would not want me to advise you on what to wear, but if you want to design a good-looking DOCX, PDF, or EPUB, I’m your girl. And if you’ve ever wished Scrivener had Microsoft Word-like styles, get ready to rejoice, because Scrivener 3 has replaced the old Presets function—which offered formatting …

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Compiling a DOCX in Scrivener 3

This is not my view. Beyond a basic orientation to the software, what’s the number one thing people want help with in Scrivener? Compile. No contest. In April, I introduced Scrivener 3’s new approach to compiling (exporting) with a post about section types. Section types are foundational to the new …

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Scrivener 3’s New Approach to Compile

In an attempt to make compiling (combining and exporting) your work in Scrivener 3 easier, you can now choose the final appearance of your manuscript based on a visual representation. Whether you’re producing an ebook for an online retailer or sending out the first 50 pages of your manuscript to an …

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New Year, New Scrivener

Did you hear? Scrivener 3 for Mac released in November (Windows is in beta now and due out later this year), and the upgrade brings some cool new features. Below are some of the tools (available for both Mac and PC) that I found most exciting while parsing through the …

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