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Which Types of Readers to Use for Feedback

Photo by David Melchor Diaz Every writer needs feedback before publication—every writer and every book. It’s a critical part of the process. In fact, it’s several critical parts of the process, because a savvy writer will come to learn that it’s usually most effective to get different types of feedback …

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Hooking your readers through character

For the last couple of clinics, we’ve been looking at opening scenes that successfully introduced intriguing characters in a dramatic situation.  This morning, we’re looking at a less successful example.  I’ve included my comments at the bottom, so read the edited piece over and see what you think. Incidentally, if …

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Drawing Your Readers in with an Intimate POV

This morning’s Editor’s Clinic, the opening pages of a novel, follows the protagonist, Sylvie, as she sinks into a panic attack triggered by seeing her third-grade daughter picked up by her soccer coach.  It’s a sharp opening, tense in its own right and implying a dramatic backstory — why should …

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3 Tips to Hook Your Reader’s Emotions

Probably like most authors, I read as often and as much as I possibly can, but lately I’ve been noticing something about my reading habits: For every book I finish, there are probably five or maybe even more where I download the free sample onto my e-reader, read anywhere from …

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How to Write Sex Scenes That Readers Can’t and Won’t Skip

  Write fiction for long enough, and eventually you’re going to land on a storyline that requires you to address a sexual relationship between characters. If you write in a sweet, mannerly style in which sex only happens once all major story questions and conflicts are addressed, you might get …

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