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Will We Read On? Or Put Down The Book? Sometimes It’s The Little Things

Photo Credit: Simon Brass There is not a writer in all the land who can write to please everyone. We simply cannot please everyone. Never-ever-ever! However, as readers we can sometimes unrealistically expect some sort of perfection—and if we are a writer and/or editor reading, perhaps we are a bit …

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When to Put Your Best Writing Forward

photo adapted / Horia Varlan Put your very best writing on the first page of your manuscript, I was once told, and the rest will rise to the challenge. This is a good thing, because your very best writing belongs on every other page, as well. In fact, today I …

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They Put Your Book Down, but Don’t Take it Personally

http://on.inc.com/2rJxoSQ I’m a polygamist reader—I have at least three paperbacks going at any one time as well at least one audiobook in progress. It has something to do with my mood. Will it be a dystopian world or sixteenth century Amsterdam? Maybe I’ll get lost in the hallways of Rockvale …

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