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Garden Q&A: This vine can do permanent harm to your plants

A vine quickly grew up and over two shrubs and a perennial bed this summer. It hurts to pull these vines, but the plants below them are turning brown (what I can still see of them, anyway!) What should I do about this mess? Can I spray? This is a …

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Garden Q&A: How to grow mint plants

I want to plant mint, but I read that it multiplies quickly, becomes invasive and takes over. I want to take the right control measures, since I have a garden with other crops (lettuce, basil, greens) that I don’t want compromised by mint. How do I grow something that can …

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Garden Q&A: How to keep lace bugs from turning your plants yellow

My azaleas and Japanese andromeda get yellow spots. Last year some leaves turned yellow, almost white. There were so many spots! Now it’s starting again. How can I stop this disease? Your andromeda and azaleas have lace bugs, an insect that inserts its feeding tube into the leaf and sucks …

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Garden Q&A: Stop to smell the sweetbox plants

The other day I caught a sudden whiff of jasmine outside, but didn’t see any flowers to explain its source. Could it have been a plant? Fragrance on a wintry day can stop you in your tracks. You may have encountered the aptly-named sweetbox. Its white blooms, opening in February, …

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5 gorgeous ‘no-fuss’ plants that thrive on next to no water

Not all California native plants are equal. Some seem to thrive on neglect. Call these the ‘no-fuss’ natives. While such thrive-on-dry plants are sometimes touchy to establish, once settled they dislike extra water, mulching, fertilizing, and generally being fussed over. They prefer to be left alone. And don’t plant them …

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