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Hi everyone ♥ In Norway, One company came up with one delicious chocolate treat, they took salted corn chips to a whole new level by dipping it into chocolate.My gosh, it is so delicious and so addictive.I live in Sweden and we just got this at my local gas station, and I …

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OREO FROSTING | Passion 4 baking :::GET INSPIRED:::

Hi sweet readers ♥ I love a good frosting that is light and just melts in your mouth, this oreo frosting is just that!I have never been a fan of buttercream, but this frosting taste just like Oreo ice cream, so yum.Make sure to use cold heavy cream, and mascarpone is cold, …

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Hi sweet readers, In Norway, we call Norwegian Vanilla Buns “skoleboller” which means “school buns”. They are very popular and loved in Norway.I fell in love with these vanilla buns ever since I was a little girl when I would spend the summer at my grandma’s, in the most beautiful …

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Whose Passion For Black Rock City Inspired It, And Whose Last Name I Do Not Know by Johnny Eponymous Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

Have you been to Burning Man? Content continues after advertisement My fears: the scents favored by those who dance for twelve hours straight on the playa to stay warm while listening to the freeze Nightdesert. I don’t shy from Daydesert’s heat, the stinging rash that makes an umbrella penicillin, nor …

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SNICKERS CAKE | Passion 4 baking :::GET INSPIRED:::

Hi sweet blog-readers, I hope you all had have one amazing week.Today´s blog-post is especially for all the sweet tooth’s out there.I´m sharing the recipe of one delicious and gooey SnickersCake.   This is by far the best snickers cake I know off, this cake has two dark chocolate layers, …

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