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9 Restaurants Open on Christmas Day in LA

The run-up to Christmas day can be overwhelming, so why not take out the biggest challenge of the day and try dining out instead! Los Angeles has plenty of option for dining out where family squabbles, turkey cooking and washing up, will soon be but a distant memory. Take your …

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Breaking the Story Open

Once upon a time, I listened as Noa Baum, an oral storyteller, told a story about her German-Jewish mother. Noa’s gestures and facial expressions, the details of culture and history, the characters she fleshed out with an accented turn of phrase–these all held my attention. Yet at some point early …

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Alain Ducasse to Open Chocolate Shop in London

Decorated Michelin French chef Alain Ducasse has today announced that he will be opening a branch of his chocolate shop, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse, in North London. Set inside Coal Drops Yard, a new shopping destination in King’s Cross, the shop is scheduled to open in October 2018, joining 50 other independent stores and …

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Estate with ties to Baltimore literary legend Edgar Allan Poe to open as Designer Show House

The annual Symphony Designers’ Show House, where interior designers use an elaborate home as their canvas, returns this Sunday in its 41st year, and this time, the house — with its Flemish bond red brick, detailed arched windows and ties to a Baltimore literary legend — is an attraction itself. …

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How to Open a Bottle of Wine: 5 Sommelier Tips

During an elegant dinner or important occasion, opening a bottle of wine goes far beyond the practical dimension and into something of a ritual. While it may seem like a trivial job, extracting a cork from a wine bottle, unless you are expert sommelier, can be an insidious operation. A …

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Dream home: All in the family with open layout in Annapolis

What began with Marie Halka’s desire last spring for a different color on one wall turned into updating the family room and more, all in time for a 100th birthday party over the summer for the older man of the house: her father. “It started with changing the accent wall …

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