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The New Irish Cuisine, Reviving a Lost Heritage

A country’s food culture, their cuisine, is an essential part of their cultural identity, just ask any Frenchman or Italian. The food they eat forms their memories growing up, it becomes the cultural signifier of their national identity. It’s the meaning of the language of food and chefs are the …

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I Think I Lost my Writing Mojo in the Turkey

https://snn.bz/holiday-turkeys/ I begin with a deep bow. A deep bow to you, courageous Nanowrimo-ers, for plowing on—and for using all the words I can’t find. I just can’t seem to muster the strength to write. I can barely focus. My brain is made of eggnog and Figgie pudding, and I …

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» Bipolar, Lithium, Suicide and The Lost Years of My Life by Jason D. Hill Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

When things are illuminated, life is beautiful. Luminosity is, indeed, a wonderful thing. You are anchored in your body and that body is easy to please. You only have to honor the integrity of your senses. The bad smells bad, and the good is to be luxuriated in. You feel …

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