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Writing Through Uncertainty (With a Writerly Life Jacket)

Please forgive me in advance, but this is going to be an unusual post. Writing-life-wise, I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts, you see. And it seems to have had an effect on my WU essay routine. I normally write my WU essays about a week in advance. I …

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Finding Second Life in Cast-Off Words

Flickr Creative Commons: Sara Berry I have an obsession with metamorphosis, the transformation of an identifiable object or idea into something different and new. On my farm, mountains of manure transform into rich, dark soil, which I spread on the fields and pastures. Have you ever smelled composting manure? Have …

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Write Something That Will Change Your Life

It seems like a tall order, to write something that will change your life. And it is. But I think it’s still worth striving for. By changing your life, I don’t necessarily mean that you have to write something that will earn you lots of money so you can buy …

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1993 General Foods International Coffee Commercial

(c)1993 Kraft Foods Soap-opera or rom-com influenced spot (not unlike many of the Taster’s Choice spots from the not-too-distant past) focuses on a couple just returning from Vienna and… source

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» Bipolar, Lithium, Suicide and The Lost Years of My Life by Jason D. Hill Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

When things are illuminated, life is beautiful. Luminosity is, indeed, a wonderful thing. You are anchored in your body and that body is easy to please. You only have to honor the integrity of your senses. The bad smells bad, and the good is to be luxuriated in. You feel …

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» A Life is Worth a Thousand Words by Brian G Ross Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

He is born in the city; seven pounds, eight ounces. Unemployed, alcoholic father; downtrodden, dependable mother. They name him Tony; Anthony on his birth certificate. He learns to talk at six months; learns to walk three months later. His first word is car. Dad owns a Ford. He drives sober; …

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