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The Gifts of the Writing Life

It’s the holiday season! And regardless of how you celebrate, it’s a great time of year for taking stock. You know, the short days, the long, often cold nights, the fires in the hearth. And around here, the blissful silence of a snowy walk.* My December post here last year …

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30 Things I’ve Learned About the Writing Life

On Thanksgiving, I celebrated 30 years since the sale of my first book.  It’s a crazy milestone and made me consider this writing and publishing life with a sense of bemusement. To celebrate, I have collected 30 things I’ve learned in those three decades. 1. Persistence is more important than …

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Writing Through Uncertainty (With a Writerly Life Jacket)

Please forgive me in advance, but this is going to be an unusual post. Writing-life-wise, I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts, you see. And it seems to have had an effect on my WU essay routine. I normally write my WU essays about a week in advance. I …

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Finding Second Life in Cast-Off Words

Flickr Creative Commons: Sara Berry I have an obsession with metamorphosis, the transformation of an identifiable object or idea into something different and new. On my farm, mountains of manure transform into rich, dark soil, which I spread on the fields and pastures. Have you ever smelled composting manure? Have …

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Write Something That Will Change Your Life

It seems like a tall order, to write something that will change your life. And it is. But I think it’s still worth striving for. By changing your life, I don’t necessarily mean that you have to write something that will earn you lots of money so you can buy …

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1993 General Foods International Coffee Commercial

(c)1993 Kraft Foods Soap-opera or rom-com influenced spot (not unlike many of the Taster’s Choice spots from the not-too-distant past) focuses on a couple just returning from Vienna and… source

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