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The Art of the Author Interview

image by CannedTuna Author interviews are very much on my mind these days from two perspectives: as the interviewer and as the interviewee. As the interviewee, I’m talking a lot these days about my novel GIRL IN DISGUISE, coming out in paperback Tuesday, March 6. A paperback launch doesn’t involve …

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Interview With a Hollywood Producer

Seeing your book on the silver screen: it’s a universal dream, one that nearly every novelist I’ve worked with has confided that they harbor.  Barely a day goes by when an author does not ask me whether I have any Hollywood connections who could help them get a foot in …

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Interview with Nikos Roussos on his innovative cuisine

Nikos Roussos may have left the family silversmith business to become a chef, but his Funky Gourmet restaurant in Athens is pure gold. With two Michelin stars and a thoroughly modern outlook on traditional Greek food, it continues to break new ground. Roussos will share his experience as mentor to …

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Interview with chef David Kinch on Ethical Cooking

Located between Santa Cruz and San Francisco bay, David Kinch’s restaurant Manresa is named after a beach. It is not uncommon to see Ferran Adrià, Mauro Colagreco or René Redzepi dining here. The Manresa is a must-go venue for anyone anxious to know what’s new on the local scene. We …

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