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Book Business: A Bookseller Interview

Flickr Creative Commons: Second-Half Travels The book business is divided between two divergent yet synergistic entities: art and commerce. As authors, our stories are imaginatively composed, subjectively appreciated, and diversely interpreted. These qualities don’t particularly abide by Wall Street rules, but to make writing a vocation, the work cannot exist …

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Interview with Anjali Mitter Duva

In the publication world, there’s a tremendous amount of focus on the publication date as THE time for publicity and promotion. I’ve seen authors throw up their hands the week after publication, when media interest is just starting to trickle in, and say, “I guess we struck out.” As I’ve …

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The Art of the Author Interview

image by CannedTuna Author interviews are very much on my mind these days from two perspectives: as the interviewer and as the interviewee. As the interviewee, I’m talking a lot these days about my novel GIRL IN DISGUISE, coming out in paperback Tuesday, March 6. A paperback launch doesn’t involve …

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Interview With a Hollywood Producer

Seeing your book on the silver screen: it’s a universal dream, one that nearly every novelist I’ve worked with has confided that they harbor.  Barely a day goes by when an author does not ask me whether I have any Hollywood connections who could help them get a foot in …

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Interview with Nikos Roussos on his innovative cuisine

Nikos Roussos may have left the family silversmith business to become a chef, but his Funky Gourmet restaurant in Athens is pure gold. With two Michelin stars and a thoroughly modern outlook on traditional Greek food, it continues to break new ground. Roussos will share his experience as mentor to …

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Interview with chef David Kinch on Ethical Cooking

Located between Santa Cruz and San Francisco bay, David Kinch’s restaurant Manresa is named after a beach. It is not uncommon to see Ferran Adrià, Mauro Colagreco or René Redzepi dining here. The Manresa is a must-go venue for anyone anxious to know what’s new on the local scene. We …

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