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A hook that breaks the Rules

               It’s a given in most writing circles that you should never open your novel with a scene in which little happens, especially if that scene involves a flashback.  This is normally good advice, but this morning’s passage is an example of when good advice should be ignored. …

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Balancing Character and Situation in your Hook

Once again this morning, we’re looking at how best to draw your readers into the story.  Broadly speaking, there are two ways to do it.  You can give your readers a gripping situation with dramatic possibilities.  Or you can give your readers a character they want to get to know …

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Build a World, Hook a Reader

imdb.com One of the most compelling elements of any novel is the setting in which it takes place. If a reader can smell the burning sugarcane in the hazy Caribbean heat or feel the scratchy mittens that ward off the chill of Irish winter, the author has done their job. …

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3 Tips to Hook Your Reader’s Emotions

Probably like most authors, I read as often and as much as I possibly can, but lately I’ve been noticing something about my reading habits: For every book I finish, there are probably five or maybe even more where I download the free sample onto my e-reader, read anywhere from …

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A Look at your Hook

I’ve written before about the dangers of working too hard to create your hook. That’s what I believe you’re doing here. The big shock of your opening scene is that your narrator was expected to eat a chicken that had become a pet. But I think the drive to hook …

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