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Fudging History: Is It Ever OK?

As a reader of fiction, I appreciate historical accuracy. A novel with a historical setting, whether that be Tsarist Russia or Feudal Japan or the South America of the Aztecs, can spring to life for the reader when the author has a genuine passion for the period and culture. To …

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The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore

The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland is internationally renowned for its collection of art, which was amassed substantially by two men, William and … source

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A glimpse of history and holiday cheer in Howard County house tour

Of the 500 or so Howard County homes on a statewide list of historic properties, five are open to the public for a fundraiser one day each year. Local residents jump at the chance each December to step inside places they previously could only glimpse from afar – and get …

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Garden Q&A: History of Maryland holly

My mother has a holly with lots of berries she calls Satyr Hill and claims is from Maryland. Is it safe to prune off branches for decoration this time of year? Satyr Hill is indeed a Maryland daughter, from the McLean Nurseries in Parkville, acclaimed as one of the best …

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USS Constellation in Baltimore Harbor

Nick the History Kid travels to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland to attend a John Hopkins gifted and talented youth program on the USS Constellation. source

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