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Garden Q&A: Repotting citrus houseplants

Leaves suddenly fell off my beautiful orange tree, and now it’s a stick. Same goes for my lime and lemon trees. I recently repotted using soil specifically made for citrus plants. Should this happen? Will my trees die? Repotting can be stressful for houseplants, and it’s not uncommon for plants …

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Garden Q&A: Darkwing fungus gnats

This 1 1/2 inch critter looks like a pile of small worms, but moves like a slug! I have seen it on three occasions in the morning following rain. The individual worms seem to move independently of the total mass. What is it? This is a neat find — a …

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Home & Garden: Getting the most out of home composting

Energetic retiree Lew Shell is known to farmers and gardeners around the state. For many years, he was a Master Gardener and Horticultural Consultant for the University of Maryland Home & Garden Information Center and the Nursery Manager for the Anne Arundel County Farmers’ Coop. Though officially retired, he is …

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Garden Q&A: Hover flies – Baltimore Sun

A tiny flying insect appears late afternoon/early evening in our neighborhood and lands on people. Could you help us identify it? Shoo away gently. This is your friend times two. The syrphid fly, commonly known as a flower fly or hover fly, feeds on nectar and pollen, making it a …

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Garden Q&A: Protecting dahlias – Baltimore Sun

My dahlias are still blooming like it’s summer. How long does this go on? Since they can’t handle winter, how do I protect them? Dahlias are jewels in the garden until frost. Do not wait until soil freezes to dig up the tubers or you’ll be left with mush. After …

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Garden Q&A: Sneaky barberry seedlings

I have pulled up over 50 barberry seedlings from my yard this year, both green and purplish. (I counted.) I have barberry myself, the purple and yellow varieties, but mine don’t produce berries. My neighbors have the same. So where are all the barberry seedlings coming from? Barberry is popular …

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