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Garden Q&A: How to get rid of groundhogs in your yard

A groundhog has dug under our shed — again. We have removed many over the years with a non-lethal trap but another one always shows up. Any better ideas? Groundhogs are especially fond of digging under concrete slabs. Perhaps it substitutes for the large rocks they burrow under in wilder …

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Garden Q&A: Stop to smell the sweetbox plants

The other day I caught a sudden whiff of jasmine outside, but didn’t see any flowers to explain its source. Could it have been a plant? Fragrance on a wintry day can stop you in your tracks. You may have encountered the aptly-named sweetbox. Its white blooms, opening in February, …

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Garden Q&A: Repotting citrus houseplants

Leaves suddenly fell off my beautiful orange tree, and now it’s a stick. Same goes for my lime and lemon trees. I recently repotted using soil specifically made for citrus plants. Should this happen? Will my trees die? Repotting can be stressful for houseplants, and it’s not uncommon for plants …

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Garden Q&A: Darkwing fungus gnats

This 1 1/2 inch critter looks like a pile of small worms, but moves like a slug! I have seen it on three occasions in the morning following rain. The individual worms seem to move independently of the total mass. What is it? This is a neat find — a …

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Home & Garden: Getting the most out of home composting

Energetic retiree Lew Shell is known to farmers and gardeners around the state. For many years, he was a Master Gardener and Horticultural Consultant for the University of Maryland Home & Garden Information Center and the Nursery Manager for the Anne Arundel County Farmers’ Coop. Though officially retired, he is …

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Garden Q&A: Hover flies – Baltimore Sun

A tiny flying insect appears late afternoon/early evening in our neighborhood and lands on people. Could you help us identify it? Shoo away gently. This is your friend times two. The syrphid fly, commonly known as a flower fly or hover fly, feeds on nectar and pollen, making it a …

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