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Bibo Barmaid Cocktail Machine for Hassle Free Cocktails

We’ve all long since got used to countertop coffee makers, so why can’t we still get that same buzz at the push of a button when it comes to happy hour? Enter Bibo Barmaid – the new automatic slimline Keurig like countertop cocktail making device! The automatic cocktail maker that uses pre-made cocktail …

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Z.Y. Field Agents – Kevin Tierney, Travis Glover, Zach Dykes & Dave Willis head to Charm City Skatepark in Baltimore MD for the Gatorade Free Flow Tour and … source

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G.G. Wynter and Free Falling

Please share in our excitement in introducing contributor G.G. Wynter’s debut novel. Free Falling will be released December 21, 2017. Wynter’s debut novel has already been named a 2016 Georgia Romance Writer Maggie Award finalist, and is a 2017 Kayak Author Award finalist. According to her bio, “G.G. Wynter writes …

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» free cab ride for a broken heart by Heather Schutmaat Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

Twenty-four hours of travel. Content continues after advertisement She is across the world and for him, it isn’t love. Standing on the steps of a small restaurant, on a crowded street in Chinatown. Watching the car drive away. If it were her in that car, she would trace the raindrops …

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Should You Ever Write For Free?

image by Damian Kliman Writing is work. And for some lucky writers, it becomes a profession, a way to trade words for dollars to make a living. Freelance writers often work by the mantra Never write for free — it tends to lower the amount that publications and sites are …

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» A Free Spirit by Sandra Crook Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

Aunt Ellie had a secret past. As kids, we all instinctively recognised this from the way the family treated her. There were a lot of sidelong looks, lowered voices, and a general air of disapproval whenever her name was mentioned. Content continues after advertisement We all loved her. She was …

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