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Film Food Festival 2018 by Bompas & Parr

Bompas & Parr, the English design studio known for its food-based experience creations and famous for its architectural jellies, recently celebrated the role food can have in movies with the first edition of the Food Film Festival, held in London from 29 January to 1 February 2018. The event, lauched in …

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Chinese Food Styles: Seven Chinese Cuisines Explained

How many Chinese food styles do you know? Chinese for many is a wide brush that encompasses what they order from the take away but the food of China is diverse, regional and comes with all sorts of interesting ingredient combinations. The infographic below, produced by Zandysanfran, sets out to …

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Iconic Images from Food in Vogue

Vogue, the famous fashion and lifestyle magazine, has published a new book dedicated to food photography and essays, entitled Food in Vogue. Designed by Fred Woodward, the famous Condé Nast art director, the collector’s item captures 200 images from the 125-year-old magazine’s history. A stunning collection of pictures highlights how the …

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Matt Orlando Speaking at Food on the Edge 2017

If we want the upcycling of food waste to become the norm, we need a new language to describe it. In fact, we should avoid terms like ‘waste cooking’ and ‘trash cooking’ altogether, say chef Matt Orlando of Copenhagen’s Amass restaurant. In a speech at this year’s Food on the …

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Simona Rizzo’s Still Lifes and Food Photography

In an age in which Social Media is invaded by hastily taken photographs of food, Simona Rizzo‘s work goes against the current trend. The young Italian photographer offers a refined and accurate interpretation of food photography, whose evident aspiration is to recall the great masters of art history, such as …

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