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Espresso Blending Techniques – I Need Coffee

Why just espresso blending? Why not talk about blending in general? Blending for the press pot or filter machine doesn’t need to be as precise. For one it’s a far weaker part of the cup compared to espresso and there are rules that can’t be broken in espresso blending that …

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Espresso Tamping Visual Tutorial – I Need Coffee

If you wish to consistently make great espresso, you will need to have an excellent tamp. This visual tutorial will serve as an initial guide to get you started. Follow the steps below and practice. With practice, your espresso shots will get better and better. Excellent form and consistency is your …

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Minos Moka Pot Espresso Maker Review and Tutorial

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to make stovetop espresso with the Minos Moka Pot Espresso Maker. The Minos is a beautiful coffee maker. The Minos is made from a heavy stainless steel with a Mirror finish and not polished aluminium, which Bialetti uses. The brewer ships with three different colored …

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Brutalist Sculpture Meets Espresso – Dear Coffee, I Love You.

This is the AnZa, a home espresso machine from the minds at Montaag—a multi-disciplinary design firm that keep offices in both Norway and Berkeley, California. The team here has worked on a dramatic range of projects, from consumer tech devices and HiFi speakers to cafe interiors and futuristic ocean vessels. They also love coffee. And like most designers who …

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Everyday Coffee Moments

Newlyweds Henry Golding and Liv Lo, FLY Entertainment Artistes, share the pleasures and convenience that come with their Nespresso moment. Discover more … source

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