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How to Make Homemade Marshmallows!

Hey guys! These homemade marshmallows are SO yummy, and much, much better than the store-bought kind! Seriously, it’s like a whole different confection 😀 … source

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a nutritious, delicious fish for easy summer dishes

Because of its extensive farming, Tilapia fish has garnered a somewhat controversial repoutation. Whatever your view on fish farming and aquaculture, Tilapia is safe to eat and what is more, it is an excellent source of protein and Omega-6 fatty acids, according to Time Magazine. Today freshwater Tilapia is the fourth most eaten fish …

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These Easy Chicken Pies Are About to Become Your New Best Friend

Is this the weekend you decide to do something for your (hungry) future self? Everyone—busy working moms and dads, high school kids, and tiny tots—gets hungry with no notice sometimes, right when the refrigerator is bare. Making meatballs, pot pies, and lasagnasfor the freezer is fine and good, but making …

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Click the following link for my other ICE CREAM RECIPES: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL85BADBF7FA70FE0A FACEBOOK … source

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Walmart Rant – Great Value Coffee – Part 1

What Walmart marketing “Genius” came up with this idea? Take a great product that sells well and exchange a different product in its place. Walmart Great Value … source

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How to Cook Asparagus on the Stove: Easy Spring Recipes

Tender tendrils of vibrant green asparagus make a wonderful addition to any spring time table, especially when cooked simply on the stove. When the vibrant spears start to push through the soil in late February reaching their peak in April, there are many ways to cook them to let their flavour …

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