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3 Lessons About the Creative Process (As Learned From My Toddler)

One of the greatest gifts of parenthood — and perhaps one of the greatest tricks — is that as much as you are teaching and guiding your kids, so too are they teaching and guiding you. Even though my daughter doesn’t yet comprehend what I do, she has been an …

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Protecting Your Creative Mindspace

wired.com Mindspace. You won’t find this term in Merriam-Webster, but I’m willing to bet most writers know what I’m talking about. The mind is a place where electricity ignites and runs over brain cells creating memory, thoughts, emotions. A mind is its own entity, but when you add “space” to …

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Creative Adjacencies

Off Igoumenitsa. Image – iStockphoto: MG7 Reading and Watching: Near and Far In marketing, we often talk about adjacencies. If your book has a lot to do with a character whose hypnosis treatments seem to turn up multiple personalities, then practitioners of hypnosis are an adjacent group of potential consumers …

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» The Gift of Compassion by Jan Bianchi Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

As I have grown older I have come to learn compassion is something to mature into and is not readily acquired. Compassion is cultivated like the pearl that comes from an oyster. The pearl is refined in the darken womb of the oyster over time, as compassion is empathy cultivated …

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