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Tips for Cooking Stinging Nettles

For most of us, stinging nettles are weeds that grow on roadsides and give us hives. But did you know that this plant is also edible and very good for your health? Fine Dining Lovers offers you a guide for cooking nettles and how to enjoy their versatility. STINGING NETTLE SEASON  …

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Cooking Whole Artichokes: 4 Easy Methods

Gratinated, with a little vinaigrette or even cooked into a tart, artichokes are always a pleasure. This spiny seasonal delicacy with a tender heart can however sometimes a mystery to budding cooks, especially when cooking whole artichokes. Fine Dining Lovers explains how to cook whole artichokes in four different ways. …

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Homemade Flavored Liquid Coffee Creamer

This is just an extremely easy recipe for homemade coffee creamer. I demonstrate how to make chocolate creamer, and give a recipe for a vanilla creamer… but, always feel free to try experimenting… source

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7 Must-Try Ways of Cooking Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know pumpkin seeds are one of the top seeds you should be eating? That’s because they are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help boost your immune system. You can reap the benefits by munching on plain pumpkin seeds but that can get boring quick. So how …

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What’s in Season in September: Seasonal Cooking

What’s in Season in September?  September is one of the best months to head to the farmers market. The abundance of produce is simply spectacular at this time of year thanks to the very last days of summer. Depending on where you live you’ll find everything from the first apples …

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15 Delicious Ways of Cooking With Avocado

You already make a mean guacamole but what other tantalizing dishes could you be whipping up with avocado? We’ve rounded up our favorite ways of cooking with avocado to give you some ideas. You’ll find everything from tasty appetizers and hearty salads to satisfying soups and exciting main courses – …

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