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Changed Perceptions Equals Character Growth

Flickr Creative Commons: jechstra I left home at sixteen and spent the next two decades hemming and hawing when asked where I was from. Upon hearing I’d lived in nine different places before I was three, most people assumed my entire childhood was equally nomadic, a perception I rarely corrected. …

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Hooking your readers through character

For the last couple of clinics, we’ve been looking at opening scenes that successfully introduced intriguing characters in a dramatic situation.  This morning, we’re looking at a less successful example.  I’ve included my comments at the bottom, so read the edited piece over and see what you think. Incidentally, if …

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13 Ways to Engage Your Reader with a Despicable Character

photo adapted / Horia Varlan I’m not one who believes that character likability is key to winning over the reader—for me, “relatability” is more important—but there is a character in David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks (long-listed for the 2014 Man Booker Prize) whose lack of moral compass challenges even my …

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Should Your Main Character Be Likable?

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gotten the note: “Make your character less difficult. She’s not likable enough.” I didn’t do it on purpose; it’s just that my female characters tend to be complex, like the women I know. It happened when the female leads were opinionated. They …

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