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A New Year Brings Fresh Author Envy

“Okay, I’m a little, teeny bit jealous of a few writers,” I admitted to another debut author via the anonymity of Facebook Messenger. “I am SOOOO jealous,” she typed back. Behind the confessional curtain of social media, we could whisper that ugly truth. We even conceded we’d been jealous of …

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Writing a Genre That’s New to You

image by Tiles Unlimited The usual writing advice tells you that once you find your genre as an author, you should stick with it. Readers might not follow you to the new genre, they say. Readers want to know what to expect, they say. And writers say: But what if …

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Take 5 Interview with Jennie Nash

One of our newest contributors, author and book coach Jennie Nash, has a book out this month! It’s the perfect opportunity not only to learn about that offering, but to learn more about Jennie herself. And so without further ado, a Take Five interview with Jennie on her new book, Read …

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