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Dialogue Separated by a Common Language

Picture by Flickr user Ron Mader George Bernard Shaw once wrote: England and America are two countries separated by the same language. But it’s not only England and America – there are numerous English-speaking countries separated by the same language. In fact, there are different parts of English-speaking countries likewise …

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On Writing a Novel that People Call Political

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash I’ve been getting some interesting questions while on book tour. 1 – Do you plan on all on your novels being so political? And 2 – How come your novel doesn’t get more political? The funny thing is, these questions actually don’t contradict one …

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Garden Q&A: How to get rid of poison hemlock

We have a 6-foot-tall plant growing in our flower bed that I don’t recall seeing last year. It resembles Queen Anne’s lace, except it has a smooth stem with purple splotches and the flowerhead has lots of small white clusters. Leaves are lacy. Now it is forming seeds. I am …

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