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The Two Types of Archetype

Character archetypes have power.  They elevate characters.  Model characters on archetypes and they become more than just people, they become they very embodiments of some aspect of human nature.  They become large, legendary, eternal.  With our human qualities exaggerated, we are able to clearly see ourselves. Archetypal characters leave us …

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Taking Stock

Flickr Creative Commons: ehpien Last week, I had a new author photo taken. I’m a little embarrassed to say that it was the first one in eight years, a drought that has less to do with my wanting readers to think of me as eternally young (or at least eternally …

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The One Word You Should Always Return To

Sometimes the words just flow, right? And then there are the other times. The stops and starts. The rough going. The flabby, ugly, dark middle of the process, where you’ve spent all the energy and excitement of beginning but haven’t yet arrived at the stage where you know there’s something really …

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