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Lorenzo Cogo and Maksut Askar four hand dinner

“Infusion is a different event. Maksut and I shared cultures, experiences and flavors. It is as if a new person has been created by our friendship.” This is how Lorenzo Cogo’s describes the most recent edition of InFusion, an event that brings some of the most important international chefs to the Italian …

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Be Careful, or You’ll End Up in My Novel

Flickr Creative Commons: Theo Crazzolara So here’s my dirty little secret about writing fiction: Most of my characters begin with a real person. And before friends and acquaintances start thumbing through my novels, wondering if they should be outraged, let me emphasize that the key word here is “begin.” And …

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The Editor’s Clinic: Problem Child

  Child narrators can be a problem. Children don’t yet have the experience or self-awareness to understand what’s going on around them.  So if you write intimately from their point of view, using only language and concepts that they would have available to them, it’s sometimes hard to convey what’s …

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