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Things I Forget to Remember: Writing Can Be Uncomfortable

My sixteen-year-old, 5’7″ 105-pound son has found his sport: Cross Country. And holy singlets and short-shorts, are XC meets ever fun! We parents stake out our viewing spots at the starting line, then at the crack of the gun, we hold our breath as the mob bursts forth. We cheer …

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Writing is a Labyrinth of Choices

Your phone rings. You check the screen. You don’t recognize the number. Do you answer it? The cars in front of you on the highway slow down, their brake lights glowing. The traffic is gridlocked up ahead, but there’s an exit just before. Do you take it? Life is full …

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A Novelist’s Necessary Evils

There are plenty of great things about writing and publishing novels. But today, I’m not here to discuss any of them. No, today it’s time to talk about three of the necessary evils a novelist deals with along the way. While these aren’t the only three tough tasks we have …

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