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photo by Vincent Lock I’m at the stage where I don’t really look any different. I feel different. (Oh, belieeeeeve me, I feel different, i.e. starting to feel better but still pretty much at least slightly queasy all. the. time.) I’m also at the stage (early second trimester) where I’m …

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Flickr Creative Commons: Ken Mattison WU is not a blog on which I expect to find upsetting posts.  However, I was upset upon reading Julia Munroe Martin’s recent post Confessions from a Weary Writer.  Julia’s raw account of discouragement got to me.  It has stayed with me.  No writer should …

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That Time Jane Friedman’s Advice Saved My Novel

Today marks the paperback and audiobook release for The Moon Sisters–a book that earned some critical acclaim, but not before nearly dying on the vine, pre-publication. Below is one story behind the story, complete with rising stakes, a ticking clock, a dark moment, and a turning point. THE SETUP I …

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