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Turning a Terrible Truth into Compelling Fiction

This post is about series of vicious murders, a class I conducted on how to fictionalize such horrific events, and a student who taught me something important in the process. This all took place late last month at the Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference in Corte Madera, California. For the …

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“Showing” through Exposition: A Study

photo adapted / Horia Varlan When writing teachers say “show, don’t tell,” they typically suggest doing so through dialogue, action, and sense imagery. Exposition, on the other hand—the writing that contextualizes the more active aspects of scene, and is often thought of as mere connective tissue—is often pointed to as …

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Writers on Show: Publicity and the Introvert

Hands up, authors who enjoy the publicity and marketing effort that attends the release of a new book. I’m talking about everything from public appearances, less common in this digital age, to heightened visibility on social media, to interviews on radio, podcast, by phone or email. There are guest blogs, …

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