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Italy Welcomes Its First Zero Waste Bar

After months of open promises, early closing, and high expectations, it is finally official: Scarto Cocktail Bar will open in Bologna the weekend of 22nd and 23rd September 2018. The opening was made difficult by the concept of the bar, its philosophy and also by the location, which makes it …

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How to Process and Filter Feedback

Photo by Robert Gourley In my last post I talked about “which types of readers to use for feedback,” covering the pros and cons of a weekly critique group, beta readers, specialty readers, and agents and editors. Knowing where to get feedback on our work is great, but what the …

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Wait, What?

Last May, the opening scene I edited raised a lot of questions – about the characters, their relationships, their backstory – without answering them right away. Of course, no opening scene can tell you everything at once, but this one put questions out there and then moved on, leaving readers …

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