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How to Make Pumpkin Spice Mix

You know that pumpkin spice has hit peak popularity when you start to see it not just in lattes but also in lip balm and cough drops. Contrary to its name, pumpkin spice—also known as pumpkin pie spice—doesn’t actually contain any of fall’s favorite squash. Rather, it refers to the …

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Value the Outsider’s Perspective

photo adapted / Horia Varlan For an outsider, life is a lock to be picked. It’s human nature to want in, and gain the acceptance that will let us rest easy in our skins. Outsiders become keen observers of how the walls between them and others are built, and how …

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Watch 3 Michelin Chefs Cook Grouse

Grouse season is now well underway so we thought we’d pick up on how some of the UK’s top chefs take the opportunity to showcase this delicate game bird in their preferred grouse recipes. Typically hunted in the Scottish highlands, the Grouse season sees a glut of the seasonal birds …

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