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Negotiating Social Privilege as a Writer

If’ you’ve read any of my earlier posts you’ll know that I was brought up between the U.S and India. Although I’ve been back in India for the last eight years, I am very much a third culture kid. The amount of cultural perspective I’ve negotiated in my lifetime could …

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Remembering Toni Morrison

Please welcome longtime community member and author Elizabeth A. Havey to Writer Unboxed today. Elizabeth reached out to us shortly after Toni Morrison’s passing this week, to share an article she had written about the iconic and Nobel Prize winning author, poet, and thought-leader. It’s our privilege to share Elizabeth’s …

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Becoming a Rogue Planet (When You Lose Your Publisher)

Photo Credit: “Planet” -fotomanu_93 Where have I been?, at least one of you may have wondered. Well, since one of you asked: I’ve been here, there, and yonder! Traveling the metaphorical Universe. Dodging wayward orbital obstacles, sliding down moonbeams, burned by the sun, cooled by away-from-the-sun. I’ve not written one …

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