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Happy Tuesday you all.I  hope your weekend was good.Sharing the recipe for waffle cookies, As a child, these were one of my favorite cookies. My mom would make waffle cookies mainly for the holidays. They are traditional Norwegian cookies. In case you have never tried one before, the flavor is similar to that of vanilla cake but …

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The Editor’s Clinic: Brave New World

One reason writers fail when setting their stories in a different world –  in the past, in the present with a different metaphysics, in another galaxy — is by not digging deeply enough into what makes their world distinct.  Any writer knows to change the technology their characters use, and …

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The World Restaurant Award Winners:

The World Restaurant Awards 2019 have been announced with the Wolfgat restaurant in South Africa crowned The Restaurant of the Year. Wolfgat, which is operated by chef Kobus van der Merwe, was also highlighted as the winner of the Off-Map dining destination: an award specifically for remote restaurants. The Original …

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