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Un-Con Redux: Operation Phoenix

First of three posts recreating workshops you may have missed at Un-Con 2019. Planning this year’s Un-Con, Therese asked me to address the issue of career crashes and stalls.  Every fiction writer has hit a snag or feels stuck.  Pretty much every published fiction writer will at some point face …

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The Fun of Pantsing

I had a vampire tale going, and much of the story revolved around a murder. Actually, four murders. I had written a mystery before that seemed to work, and I had pantsed that one, too. You know, make it up as you go along. No outline. No plotting far ahead. …

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Writing, Verbs and Time

image by Stereo Phonik Is there anything more precious to a writer than time? It’s the resource that makes all the difference. Time to think. Time to write. Time to edit. Time with readers. And we need time for all the other things in our lives, of course, which can …

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