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Brendleson's Gourmet Coffee

Retweet this! Brendleson’s approached us with the chance to make a “viral” ad for them. We decided they didn’t know what “viral” meant and … source

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What other native trees should I plant?

The woods around me are almost all tulip poplar since the gypsy moths wiped out the oaks years ago. I love mine for its tulip-shaped leaves and flowers. Now I have room to plant one shade tree. Should I plant another? I’m planting for wildlife. Tulip poplars are a favorite …

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When Something Good Incites Story

photo adapted / Horia Varlan A story arc is launched when something happens to a protagonist that knocks her off her rails. Life did not go as expected this day, and in fact, life may never seem the same again. You may call this event something else, but I use …

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