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Write Something That Will Change Your Life

It seems like a tall order, to write something that will change your life. And it is. But I think it’s still worth striving for. By changing your life, I don’t necessarily mean that you have to write something that will earn you lots of money so you can buy …

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 Hi sweet readers ♥ Hope you all are having a lovely day so far,  today I am sharing the recipe for vacuum cleaner cake, Swedish dammsugare like these are called in Sweden.These are perfect for Easter.  Bakeries save their (cake) leftovers and use them to make a long log wrapped in marzipan. …

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A look at the Most Comprehensive Guide to Pizza ever Published

Fans of the experimental team Modernist Cuisine will be excited to hear that there is life following their encyclopedic guide, Modernist Bread. Nathan Myhrvold’s insatiable curiosity has already propelled them headlong into their laboratory kitchen to tackle “one of the planet’s most popular foods” – Pizza.” Known simply as Modernist Pizza, this ode …

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