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Hi everyone, it has been a few day´s, well almost a week since I posted a recipe, due to traveling and little time to post.I love a good carrot cupcake, this one is a winner it is moist, and together with the light vanilla frosting ( no butter in the …

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Getting in Touch with the Inner Magician

Photo from Flickr Creative Common by ビッグアップジャパン I’m a writer who (almost always) writes about practical, down-to-earth things. The stuff of everyday life. Mysteries grounded in the real world. A wrongful arrest. A stolen dog. Love stories. Falling in. Falling out. Trials and tribulations therein. The human condition. Etc. So, …

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The Week in Bites | 25 February 2018

Wild vs. Farmed Tuna This week at Fine Dining Lovers we kicked things off with an article on how to distinguish farmed and wild tuna. Chef Tomoo Kimura of Sushi Kimura restaurant in Singapore explained they are several factors to take into account including: weight, flavor and seasonality. Discover all …

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