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The Editor’s Clinic: Take a Break

Lots of writing books, including Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, will tell you that you can use your paragraphing to emphasize key points.  Want something to stand out?  Put it in its own paragraph. Picking which parts of your narrative you want to emphasize is trickier.  As a rule of thumb, …

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Happy or Sad, or Something Else?

I was recently discussing a novel’s ending with a writer friend. We agreed that, while not perfect, the author had pretty much nailed the ending. We felt satisfied. Its character arcs felt complete. We both found the ending moving and multidimensional, and it obviously left us thinking, hence the conversation. …

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Dissecting An American Marriage

Photo by Max Pixel, CC0 As author Tayari Jones has herself pointed out, An American Marriage, winner of the 2019 Women’s Prize for Fiction and an Oprah Book Club 2.0 selection, was a “breakthrough” nearly two decades in the making, reaching an audience many times over that of three previous …

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