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Big Publisher vs Small Publisher

A big publishing house equals more clout, more marketing, more sales… right? I thought so, until I moved jobs from a small indie publisher to a publishing giant. Turns out, the answer is more nuanced than I thought. Here’s what I figured out: A bigger publisher does not mean bigger …

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Prepare to Present with Confidence

Please welcome author Donna Galanti to WU today! Donna, a frequent presenter, is here to share a bounty of tips that promise to make us more comfortable, efficient, and effective presenters. More about her: Donna is the author of the paranormal suspense Element Trilogy and the children’s fantasy adventure Joshua …

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Dear Young Writer

Photo by Tekke Dear Young Writer, (“Young” meaning where you are in your writing journey, by the way. Not your actual age.) I may be older and wiser, or I may just be waxing nostalgic, but either way, I’d like to say a few things to you, if you don’t …

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Re-envision Revision with Sandra Scofield

Sarah McCoy with Sandra Scofield I first met Sandra Scofield over ten years ago. A visiting professor to my MFA program, Sandra was lauded for her unparalleled storytelling and a National Book Award Finalist (Beyond Deserving) as proof. To work with her, master students had to submit their stories and …

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