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» The Judgment of Venus and David by Natalie McNabb Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

His whisper — “This is strange.” — is so ardent that I believe him, and hers — Content continues after advertisement “Yes.” — is the same. “We just grew apart.” — Cliché, but the only explanation available to him — She nods. — or her. Neither, though, realizes their error. …

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» See You With The Sun By Meghan McDonald Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

I hated my funeral. Everyone was all sad and quiet. Dad was like a statue. Mom was the opposite. She wouldn’t stop moving and there were tissues everywhere. She had on a dress with no sleeves so she couldn’t stick Kleenex up her sleeves like she usually does. And it …

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The comments section, where readers start bringing their own intelligence and experience to the conversation, is often the best part of a Writer Unboxed article.  For instance, three months ago, I talked about what the music of J. S. Bach can teach us about setting up surprise in fiction.  Donald …

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G.G. Wynter and Free Falling

Please share in our excitement in introducing contributor G.G. Wynter’s debut novel. Free Falling will be released December 21, 2017. Wynter’s debut novel has already been named a 2016 Georgia Romance Writer Maggie Award finalist, and is a 2017 Kayak Author Award finalist. According to her bio, “G.G. Wynter writes …

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Don’t Get Rolled by Bad Publicity

Image: Procter & Gamble, Business Wire, the 2017 Times Square holiday restrooms, a promotion for Charmin. The line too small to read in this image is: “The best seats on Broadway.” This “media opportunity alert” arrived in my inbox: Hi, Porter, Thought you might have interest in checking out this …

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» Dolls Eye by Philip Berry Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

It’s an old memory. Too old to upset. Content continues after advertisement I pressed the cool skin of her cheek with a plump, immature finger. Then traced the roots of her fixed lashes. I recalled the optimistic flourish of their application, leaning into the mirror, which itself leaned against the …

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