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What Makes a Journey

Photo by Donald Maass Since late July, I’ve been on a road trip with my family.  Me, my wife, two kids and our dog.  We drove across the northern tier of States.  Fifteen of them.  From New York to Seattle, then on to Vancouver for a family visit.  As you …

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Should You Ever Write For Free?

image by Damian Kliman Writing is work. And for some lucky writers, it becomes a profession, a way to trade words for dollars to make a living. Freelance writers often work by the mantra Never write for free — it tends to lower the amount that publications and sites are …

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Authentic Female Characters vs Gender-Swaps

Photo by Flickr user Craig Dennis It’s recently been announced that there is a new adaptation of William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies in the works. This isn’t a huge surprise. In the modern era of remakes, re-imaginings, and even more remakes (I’m looking at you, Spider-Man), it feels …

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Telling the Truth in Fiction

A number of years ago when my daughter was in sixth grade, she was studying for a spelling bee, and one of the advanced words was agathokakological. It took us a while to track down the definition: “consisting of both good and evil.” What a fabulous word: agathokakological. We humans …

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Outlining for Pantsers

That title doesn’t appear to make much sense, does it? You might be thinking, do you even know what those words mean? One is either a plotter or a pantser. If you’re a plotter, you outline. You like to know where you’re going before you set out on your novel’s …

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