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Getting in Touch with the Inner Magician

Photo from Flickr Creative Common by ビッグアップジャパン I’m a writer who (almost always) writes about practical, down-to-earth things. The stuff of everyday life. Mysteries grounded in the real world. A wrongful arrest. A stolen dog. Love stories. Falling in. Falling out. Trials and tribulations therein. The human condition. Etc. So, …

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How to Find Unique Speaking Opportunities to Promote Your Novel

If the title of this post makes your palms sweat, you’re not alone. Public speaking is often cited as people’s top fear, even over death. But if you calm your racing heart long enough to open your mind, you’ll see a world of opportunity awaiting writers who are willing to …

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They Put Your Book Down, but Don’t Take it Personally

http://on.inc.com/2rJxoSQ I’m a polygamist reader—I have at least three paperbacks going at any one time as well at least one audiobook in progress. It has something to do with my mood. Will it be a dystopian world or sixteenth century Amsterdam? Maybe I’ll get lost in the hallways of Rockvale …

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A Look at your Hook

I’ve written before about the dangers of working too hard to create your hook. That’s what I believe you’re doing here. The big shock of your opening scene is that your narrator was expected to eat a chicken that had become a pet. But I think the drive to hook …

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» The Gift of Compassion by Jan Bianchi Short stories, flash fiction and creative writing online.

As I have grown older I have come to learn compassion is something to mature into and is not readily acquired. Compassion is cultivated like the pearl that comes from an oyster. The pearl is refined in the darken womb of the oyster over time, as compassion is empathy cultivated …

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Photo by Max Pixel, CC0 When Ernest Cline pitched his debut novel Ready Player One in 2011, it went to a bidding war, immediately sold novel and movie rights, rapidly advanced to bestseller lists, and ultimately signed Spielberg to direct the movie which releases next month. The novel is set in 2045, …

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