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Motivation: Make Writing Dessert Again

Flickr Creative Commons: Ruth Hartnup I admit it. For years I hesitated to invite anyone into my home, cringing even when my parents crossed the threshold. If there is a way to keep a house clean while sharing it with a husband, two children, three dogs and a Maine Coon …

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Writing in an Unfamiliar Setting

I spent a month in Cambridge (UK) in May/June. It was a magical time to be there–the weather was sunny, bright, warmer in fact than I’ve ever known it in England. 🙂 Cambridge, always a beautiful city, looked even more stunning set against the bright blue of the sky, with …

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The Picasso-Pollock Brain

KaroliK – Color Bubble – Creative Commons I awake with colors hovering, twisting and turning and shifting, waiting for me to pull them into myself to mix with my blood, swift through my veins and muscle and marrow. I arise, full of color, full to the spilling point, full to …

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The World of a Literary Scout–and International Rights

Literary Scouts know a lot, but they’re not mind readers. My story starts with J.K Rowling… It was my first week as a Scout at what was then Anne Louise Fisher’s agency (now Eccles Fisher), and the office was buzzing. Constant phone calls. It was the buzz of publishers from …

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What’s Your Truth?

Usually– well, almost usually– I have my Writer Unboxed posts done in advance of the day before I’m scheduled to post. This month, though, I’m kind of glad that the time got away from me, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to craft my post in response to Larry …

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The Big Lie About Writing Compelling Fiction

Please welcome author Larry Brooks to Writer Unboxed today! Larry is the author of six novels and three bestselling books on fiction craft, including Story Fix and Story Engineering. A little more about him: Larry is a career writer from the corporate sector who, like most of you, had nourished the fiction …

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