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The World is Inside Out

How do you think of our world?  How is it organized, in your mind?  Geographically?  Planet, continents, countries, regions, states, counties, cities, neighborhoods, streets?  Politically, by a range of authority from dictatorships to democracy?  By religion?  By class? Do you see the world as dichotomies?  City versus country, ocean versus …

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Seasons Of Writing

I’ve never been one of those writers who writes every single day, rain or shine, all year ’round. It works perfectly for some. It doesn’t work for me. But I’m also not a writer who waits on inspiration. There are times (especially when I’m under deadline) that I’ll be writing, …

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How to Find the Right Developmental Editor for Your Book

Books elicit different responses from different people, so it’s no wonder that the feedback we receive from critique groups and beta readers can be varied and even contradictory. As an indie author, it can be hard to discern good advice from bad or know whose feedback to trust—especially when that …

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‘I Am Myself, You See’

The Guadalupe Series by Yolanda López, via almalopez.com Portrait of the Artist as the Virgin of Guadalupe is a three-part series, a post-modern triptych by Yolanda López in which she casts herself, her mother, and her grand-mother as the iconic Mary. I return to the work repeatedly, each time tumbling …

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Seriously Funny: 7 Ways To Add Humor To A Novel

Please welcome novelist Marilyn Simon Rothstein to Writer Unboxed today! Marilyn Simon Rothstein is the author of Lift And Separate, the story of a woman forced to restart her life when her husband of thirty-three years, the Bra King, leaves her for a perkier fit. It was released by Lake …

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