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A Character’s POV = A Character’s Truth

Who you see depends on your POV! Each Wednesday at 3:00 I drive a loved one to see his therapist.* During the 45-minute appointment, I sit in the waiting area and afterward, depending on the season, I drive this loved one to swim practice or soccer practice or to the …

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How Not To NaNoWriMo

photo by Jon Linnell I’m not a huge fan of rules about writing. I don’t write every day, for starters. I neither write what I know nor do I not write what I don’t know. So there are very few blanket pronouncements I would make about writing, and I would …

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Writing Across Gender Lines

Photo by Flickr user Tatters If you ask a small child to draw a tree, they will almost inevitably draw a brown rectangle topped by a cloud-shaped green blob. That’s what a tree looks like. We all know that. We recognise it instantly for what it is. Even children too …

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The Time It Costs to Write

The most common question I’m asked about my books is, “How long did it take you to write them?” The second most common question: “What is your writing routine like?” I usually hesitate to answer either of these questions because I suspect they’re another way for a writer to compare …

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Exciting Adventure!

Flickr Creative Commons: Mike Boenig Photography It makes you think of movie trailers from the CinemaScope era, the words splashed rapidly left to right across the wide theater screen: Exciting Adventure!  The font is 3-D to emphasize the scope and depth of the soon to be released Exciting Adventure! It …

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Big Publisher vs Small Publisher

A big publishing house equals more clout, more marketing, more sales… right? I thought so, until I moved jobs from a small indie publisher to a publishing giant. Turns out, the answer is more nuanced than I thought. Here’s what I figured out: A bigger publisher does not mean bigger …

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