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Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time (Winter 2017 Edition)

Inspired by Lit Hub’s 100 rejections per year post, my goal was to make at least 50 submissions in 2017. Since my last contest roundup, I’m at 108 submissions and 79 rejections. I’m also delighted to share that I’ve earned my first acceptance for publication in fiction and nonfiction. It’s …

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When Other People’s Opinions Don’t Matter

Banksy in Boston: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS CANCELLED, Essex St, Chinatown, Boston, photo by Chris Devers   My husband and I have been watching Project Runway this season. We have our favorite designers and our least favorite ones. Near the beginning of the season, the one we were betting against the …

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A Character’s POV = A Character’s Truth

Who you see depends on your POV! Each Wednesday at 3:00 I drive a loved one to see his therapist.* During the 45-minute appointment, I sit in the waiting area and afterward, depending on the season, I drive this loved one to swim practice or soccer practice or to the …

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How Not To NaNoWriMo

photo by Jon Linnell I’m not a huge fan of rules about writing. I don’t write every day, for starters. I neither write what I know nor do I not write what I don’t know. So there are very few blanket pronouncements I would make about writing, and I would …

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Writing Across Gender Lines

Photo by Flickr user Tatters If you ask a small child to draw a tree, they will almost inevitably draw a brown rectangle topped by a cloud-shaped green blob. That’s what a tree looks like. We all know that. We recognise it instantly for what it is. Even children too …

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