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would you pay to turn the first page of this bestseller?

Trained by reading hundreds of submissions, editors and agents often make their read/not-read decision on the first page. In a customarily formatted book manuscript with chapters starting about 1/3 of the way down the page (double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point type), there are 16 or 17 lines on the first page. …

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Unspoken Dialogue

I ran into this delicious exchange in a client’s manuscript the other day.  Rosemarie, a young virgin, is being seduced by the one eyed man.  She distrusts him, she’s frightened, and she’s awash in guilt for the physical attraction she feels toward him. ‘No,’ said Rosemarie. ‘This isn’t right.’ ‘No …

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Interview With a Hollywood Producer

Seeing your book on the silver screen: it’s a universal dream, one that nearly every novelist I’ve worked with has confided that they harbor.  Barely a day goes by when an author does not ask me whether I have any Hollywood connections who could help them get a foot in …

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Inside the Head of the Weirdo Writer: The Hotel Experience

Raphael “Hôtel Voirbo” at Creative Commons Writer sometimes must leave the safety and comfort of her home. And in doing so, must stay at unfamiliar and strange places where millions and millions of others have stayed, leaving behind their skin droppings and whatnot. A writer writes to empty the over-active …

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5 Creative Nonfiction Skills for Novelists

photo adapted / Horia Varlan We pulled up to the gate at Utah’s Arches National Park in an imprudent touring vehicle: a loaded U-Haul van. This would be our only sightseeing detour on the trek that would take my sister from her home in California to a new job on …

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