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Every Good Book is a Mystery, Even When it’s Not

http://pursuetheclue.com/   I’ve been studying bestselling novels of late. I’m trying to get a feel for what is working and why; suss out the author’s special sauce that seems to be speaking to readers. I have to admit, sometimes I’m befuddled when the quality of the prose is lacking or …

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Idea and Story

Consider this opening paragraph, from an essay included in  G. K. Chesterton’s 1928 collection, Generally Speaking:   Among those remarkable “Sayings of the Day” that are quoted in the daily Press, I remember a sentence that is quite significant.  Sandwiched in between two other epigrams, between Sir Humphrey Pumpernickle’s paradox, …

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The Top Two Reasons a Reader Will Leave a Bad Review

By Mindaugas Danys, Flickr’s CC Please welcome Tamar Sloan as our guest today. Tamar really struggled writing this bio because she hasn’t decided whether she’s primarily a psychologist who loves writing, or a writer with a lifelong fascination for psychology. Somehow she got lucky enough to do both. Tamar is the …

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Improve Your Writing with Improv

One of the best things I’ve done for myself as a writer and speaker  is study improv. Not stand-up comedy—think of the short-form improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway? There’s also another kind, long-form, that I’ve studied this year.  Long-form improv particularly lends itself well to novel writing as …

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Motivation: Make Writing Dessert Again

Flickr Creative Commons: Ruth Hartnup I admit it. For years I hesitated to invite anyone into my home, cringing even when my parents crossed the threshold. If there is a way to keep a house clean while sharing it with a husband, two children, three dogs and a Maine Coon …

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