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Garden Q&A: Keep eye out for new invasive pest

My relatives said I should not bring firewood from Pennsylvania when we come home after the holidays. Is there a quarantine? A new invasive pest, the spotted lanternfly, is just over the line in Pennsylvania and has now been found in Delaware and New York. All Marylanders need to be …

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Garden Q&A: Planting shrubs in the fall

Is it too late to plant shrubs or trees? I see a lot of good plant sales, but not sure I should take advantage of them. Fall is an excellent time to plant most shrubs, trees, grasses and perennials. Early to mid-fall is the best time because plants have three …

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Garden Q&A: Defeating a clothes moth infestation

My home is infested with small clothing moths that look like feathers. They ate holes in my grandfather’s WWII army blanket! I found larvae and tiny black dots of moth excrement. An exterminator put pesticide strips in the garbage bags I filled with clothes and bedding. The washer and dryer …

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Garden Q&A: Potter wasps and helleborus

I found this on a flower stalk in my garden when I was clearing out dead stalks. It’s about the size of a marble. Is something in it or did something come out of it? Good or bad? This tiny replica of a jug is the work of a potter …

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Garden Q&A: Alarmed over browning evergreen needles

My arborvitae trees flourished all summer, but I just noticed a lot of brown needles near the trunk. What to do? My neighbor’s white pines seem to have the same problem. Is it contagious? Your arborvitae is showing normal autumn needle browning. Although we think of evergreens as always being …

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Red, green and gleaming glass: Poinsettias still a holiday highlight in Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park

Bridget Maginn passed her 90th birthday years ago, but her eyes lit up like a child’s as she made her way through the profusion of red and green — and pink and cream and apricot — plants on display at the Howard P. Rawlings Conservatory. She had dropped in on …

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