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Garden Q&A: Turkey tail fungi

These things are growing on the stump of a tree we cut down. We’re worried that they will spread to other trees and kill them. Turkey tail fungi is striking with its vivid color pattern resembling the fanned feathers of a tom turkey, strutting to attract the ladies. The concentric …

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Garden Q&A: History of Maryland holly

My mother has a holly with lots of berries she calls Satyr Hill and claims is from Maryland. Is it safe to prune off branches for decoration this time of year? Satyr Hill is indeed a Maryland daughter, from the McLean Nurseries in Parkville, acclaimed as one of the best …

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Garden Q&A: When to harvest Asian persimmons

When do I harvest my Asian persimmons? They are so big and beautiful! It’s always dicey. The longer you leave persimmons on the tree, the sweeter they get. But if they get hit with a hard freeze, they turn to mush. Yummy mush, suitable for fruit pudding, but folks usually …

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Garden Q&A: Name this green caterpillar

A friend took this picture in a parking lot. The caterpillar is about three inches long and grabbed hold of the pavement tightly when my friend tried to move it. Can you identify it? If you wondered whether fall was unusually mild, this caterpillar is exhibit A. It waited until …

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