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Garden Q&A: Protecting dahlias – Baltimore Sun

My dahlias are still blooming like it’s summer. How long does this go on? Since they can’t handle winter, how do I protect them? Dahlias are jewels in the garden until frost. Do not wait until soil freezes to dig up the tubers or you’ll be left with mush. After …

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Garden Q&A: Sneaky barberry seedlings

I have pulled up over 50 barberry seedlings from my yard this year, both green and purplish. (I counted.) I have barberry myself, the purple and yellow varieties, but mine don’t produce berries. My neighbors have the same. So where are all the barberry seedlings coming from? Barberry is popular …

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Garden Q&A: Keep eye out for new invasive pest

My relatives said I should not bring firewood from Pennsylvania when we come home after the holidays. Is there a quarantine? A new invasive pest, the spotted lanternfly, is just over the line in Pennsylvania and has now been found in Delaware and New York. All Marylanders need to be …

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Garden Q&A: Planting shrubs in the fall

Is it too late to plant shrubs or trees? I see a lot of good plant sales, but not sure I should take advantage of them. Fall is an excellent time to plant most shrubs, trees, grasses and perennials. Early to mid-fall is the best time because plants have three …

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Garden Q&A: Defeating a clothes moth infestation

My home is infested with small clothing moths that look like feathers. They ate holes in my grandfather’s WWII army blanket! I found larvae and tiny black dots of moth excrement. An exterminator put pesticide strips in the garbage bags I filled with clothes and bedding. The washer and dryer …

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Garden Q&A: Potter wasps and helleborus

I found this on a flower stalk in my garden when I was clearing out dead stalks. It’s about the size of a marble. Is something in it or did something come out of it? Good or bad? This tiny replica of a jug is the work of a potter …

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