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Garden Q&A: Repotting citrus houseplants

Leaves suddenly fell off my beautiful orange tree, and now it’s a stick. Same goes for my lime and lemon trees. I recently repotted using soil specifically made for citrus plants. Should this happen? Will my trees die? Repotting can be stressful for houseplants, and it’s not uncommon for plants …

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10 most expensive homes sold around Baltimore in 2017

A home at 200 International Drive, Unit 2102, inside the Four Seasons in Harbor East, sold for $3.4 million, placing it No. 9 among the most expensive homes sold in the Baltimore area in 2017. A home at 200 International Drive, Unit 2102, inside the Four Seasons in Harbor East, …

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Peeling bark is sign of emerald ash borer

The bark on my neighbor’s large ash tree is being peeled off. Short bark strips lie all over the ground at the base. Is it squirrels or woodpeckers or a deer rubbing its antlers? Is it something to worry about? This ash tree is probably infested with emerald ash borer. …

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Garden Q&A: Darkwing fungus gnats

This 1 1/2 inch critter looks like a pile of small worms, but moves like a slug! I have seen it on three occasions in the morning following rain. The individual worms seem to move independently of the total mass. What is it? This is a neat find — a …

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Home & Garden: Getting the most out of home composting

Energetic retiree Lew Shell is known to farmers and gardeners around the state. For many years, he was a Master Gardener and Horticultural Consultant for the University of Maryland Home & Garden Information Center and the Nursery Manager for the Anne Arundel County Farmers’ Coop. Though officially retired, he is …

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At home with WBAL anchor Deborah Weiner

According to conventional wisdom, life in the country is simpler than in the city. But for Deborah Weiner and her family, it’s the opposite. Weiner, a longtime news anchor and investigative reporter for WBAL-TV, spent nearly two decades living in a large home in northern Baltimore County. Two years ago, …

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